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リフレクター|Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner
バックパックや自転車, リフレクター
リフレクター|Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner

リフレクター|Reflector + Tipi-Carabiner

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※ティピ型のキーホルダー付き。クロスした先端部分をつまんでひねると取り外しできます。香港の文具ブランド「PRAXIS」とイギリスのプロダクトデザイナーJames Burgessが手がけたデザイン。


Reflectors are a low cost but high impact safety travel tool. Strap one on your bag, zipper, belt, or anything else with a passable loop. Besides reflecting the light this key holder will  flash some smiles your way as well. Art work by Himaa (Masanao Hirayama). With each reflector we've teamed up with Praxis design to create some awesome carabiners that will keep your reflectors on duty and looking sharp all day. 

Size: 55mm × 55mm × 5mm

[Tipi Carabiner]
Size: 41mm × 50mm
Material: Aluminum

item code: PS054