SARDEGNA, food, Italy, 有元くるみさん


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A Culinary Tour of Sardegna's Regional Traditional Foods


If you love eating, cooking or drinking then Sardegna is a paradise in waiting. This Italian island relatively unknown to the world sits smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by France, Spain, Africa and continental Italy. Sardegna is blessed with a food culture that will send your taste buds abuzzing with fantastical amazement; it is also blessed with a food culture that is extremely healthy- so much so that Sardegna’s live longer then any other humans on the planet.  


サルデーニャの郷土料理 | 有元くるみさんと食べ尽くす!ヨーロッパ原風景の島、サルデーニャのパワーフード | サン・ピエトロ島を目指す南海岸線のドライブ | 編集長ルーカスが選ぶサルデーニャ島みやげ | サルデーニャ特集をより楽しむための本紹介 | ペーパーバック思考旅行 | 写真家 渋谷ゆり | 超短編三点 | 石材 | プロダクトデザイナー オインスティン・アウスタッド | 未来の知恵 | 賢者の欠片 | 暮らしに生きつづけるサルデーニャの手仕事 | 日本の魅力再発見の旅 広島県尾道市 | ペーパースカイクラブ
A Culinary Tour of Sardegna's Regional Traditional Foods  | Sadegna Staple Dishes | Cagliari to Carloforte | Sardegna Souvenir | Papersky Bookstore | Travel To Your Mind | Papersky Interview / Yuri Shibuya | Life of Fiction / translation by: Motoyuki Shibata / story by: Matthew Sharpe | Sekizai / Manazuru Stone Cutters | Helly Hansen Norwegian Culture Journey / StokkeAustard | Life Knowledge / Ishikawa Naoki | Jomon Field Work / Nao Tuda | Traditional Hand Made In Sardegna | Tour de Nippon in Onomichi | Papersky Clubs / Mountain / Bicycle/ Book / Food / Japan

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