RIO DE JANEIRO, bossa nova, 伊藤ゴローさん

RIO DE JANEIRO | bossa nova

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RIO DE JANEIRO | bossa nova



Bossa Nova (‘the new trend’)

Brazilians have always believed that Brazil potentially can become paradise. Perhaps it’s the stunning scenery, the sheer power of nature or the overtly optimistic vibration of the Brazilians themselves. This ‘positive’ energy is found in the sounds of many types of Brazilian music and comes to a full climax in Bossa Nova.

In this issue of Papersky we travel to the other side of the world, Rio de Janerio, to meet up with the living legends of Bossa Nova: João Donato, Roberto Menescal, Joyce Moreno, Jaques & Paula Morelenbaum, Celso Fonseca, and Daniel Jobim as well as to talk with the new talents infusing Bossa’s power into modern music.


■ 目次

Great Inventions in Rio リオで生まれた、世界的な発明 / Rio de Janeiro Bossa Nova 音楽家・伊藤ゴローさんと巡るブラジルの旅 ボサノヴァと珈琲の街、リオデジャネイロを目指して / In The Future Age 明日へ向かう、ブラジル音楽 / The True History ボサノヴァが辿った道のり Interview to Ruy Castro / Papersky Book & Music Store ブラジル特集をより楽しむための本と音楽紹介 / Travel To Your Mind ペーパーバック思考旅行 Text: Seiko Ito / Akiko Otake / Shinichiro Nakahara / Papersky Interview / Takashi Horiuchi カフェオーナー兼マスター 堀内隆志 / Life of Fiction もうひとつの耳 Translation: Motoyuki Shibata Text: Brian Evenson / Life Knowledge vol.35 未来の知恵 Photography & Text: Naoki Ishikawa / Jomon Field Work vol.14 賢者の欠片 Photography & Text: Nao Tsuda / Vinyl Digging in Rio 貴重な音源を求めて、リオのミュージックストアを巡る / Sounds Of Petrópolis  ペトロポリスの音楽家たちを訪ねて / To The Coffee Valley リオの繁栄を物語る、コーヒーの谷へ / Step In “Urban Outdoor” with Teva Tevaと歩きだそう、日常のアウトドアへ / Brazil Souvenirs 編集長ルーカスが選ぶブラジルみやげ / Tour de Nippon / Nara・Tenri 日本の魅力再発見の旅 奈良・天理 / PAPERSKY Clubs / Bicycle / Mountain / Book / Food / Japan

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