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トラベルトレイ, Travel Tray
Charles Eames, Cambro plastic, papersky
travel tray

トラベルトレイ | Travel Tray

¥2,420 JPY

CAMBRO社のCamtray × PAPERSKYの旅トレー。丈夫で耐久性に優れ、トレー中央に描かれた紙飛行機ロゴがポイント。鍵やペン、時計などの小物入れやアクセサリートレーとして、旅先はもちろんご家庭でも活躍します。素材はイームズチェアなどでも使われるFRP製(グラスファイバーが入った繊維強化プラスチック)。スタッキングも可能です。



These Papersky 'Travel Trays’  are small, light, and tough making them  easy to pack and go. They will keep your keys, pens, glasses, wallet, and other must reach items always within reach. And when you’re not traveling you’ll want to use them at home as well. 

These trays are made of Cambro plastic fibreglass which came to being in 1951. At the time the material was revolutionary and used by American designer Charles Eames to produce his famous ‘Plastic Side Chair’. We’ve chosen the original color that the Campbell brothers used to help Charles Eames create his first chair. 


Size:W17.8cm × D12.5cm ×H1.2cm
Color:White(Antique Parchment)
item code: PS055