TOKYO|Tokyo Tree Trek

TOKYO|Tokyo Tree Trek

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TOKYO|Tokyo Tree Trek

and wanderの池内啓太さん、森美穂子さんと樹木に誘われ東京ハイク

次々と高層ビルが誕生し、大きな変貌を遂げる街、東京。今回は、そんな東京の大地に根を張り、街を見守るかのように生きる樹木をめぐる特集です。公園、神社、路地裏に佇む彼らの呼吸に耳を澄ませながら、大都会・東京を歩く旅「Tokyo Tree Trek」。ゲストに、自然あそびを楽しむためのウェアをデザインする「and wander」の池内啓太さんと森美穂子さんを迎え、東京を新たな視点で眺めます。

1978年、神奈川県出身。イッセイ・ミヤケのデザインチームに在籍後、元同僚の森美穂子と、アウトドアブランド「and wander」を設立。2011年春夏 コレクションからスタート。

1978年、東京都出身。イッセイ・ミヤケのデザインチームに在籍後、元同僚の池内啓太と、アウトドアブランド「and wander」を設立。


Talking with Trees

 This issue is dedicated to Tokyo’s unsung hero the tree.

 It’s interesting to be writing about trees in the midst of a global human pandemic but in many ways they may be our saviors. They stand both connected to one another while simultaneously firmly rooted to the earth. Something we humans are finally realizing is critical for the long term survival of our species.

 For this issue we at Papersky masterminded a 60km route that literally spirals the city while showcasing some of Tokyo’s: Oldest, Biggest and most Unique trees and green spots. The course winds over six sections which can be navigated as a thru-hike or ride; but even more refreshing is to explore the course over two or three days. Thus allowing ample time to take in the trees as well as some of Tokyo’s history and gastronomic culture.

 We’ve dubbed the course the TOKYO TREE TREK or simply the TTT

 Our aspiration is that as people explore the TTT;  they will come to see Tokyo through greener eyes and with greener eyes will be enlightened to protect, hug, and converse with the beautiful wooden beasts that line our city’s streets, shrines and parks.