SHIKOKU | Zen Hiker

SHIKOKU | Zen Hiker

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SHIKOKU | Zen Hiker issue

弘法⼤師・空海が開創したと伝えられる、四国⼋⼗⼋ヶ所霊場をめぐるお遍路巡礼。第⼀札所のある徳島は「発⼼」、⾼知は「修⾏」、愛媛は「菩提」、⾹川は「涅槃」の道場とされ、仏教の修⾏を通して悟りに⾄る道として、古くから多くの修⾏者、巡礼者が歩いてきました。今号のPAPERSKYでは、歴史ある信仰の道を「Zen Trail(禅トレイル)」ととらえ、禅ハイカーとして四国を歩く旅を特集。




Land of the Long Trail –

In this issue Papersky along with Poet, Ito Kon walked The Zen Trail, a unique ‘loop trail’ spanning 1200Km and created 1250 years ago by Buddhist monk Kukai (Kobo Daishi). The trail connects 88 temples as check points on the hikers’ symbolic path towards enlightenment. Each of the four prefectures that the trail transcends represents a journey (TOKUSHIMA = Awakening / KOCHIi = Training / EHIME = Enlightenment / KAGAWA = Nirvana) that the ‘Zen Hiker’ must take before reaching their final nirvana. 

The trail combines all the aspects of traditional trail hiking – stunning nature and physical challenges along with a deep exploration of Japanese gastronomy, history and local culture allowing the long trail traveler to take home in their hearts and minds a bit of ‘real Japan’ and a more spiritually fulfilled self. 

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