Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set
Trail Glove Set

Trail Glove Set

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  • ポーラテック社のパワーストレッチプロを使用しています。
  • 指先にステッチが集中しないハンズオングリップのオリジナルパターンです。※特許取得済み
  • カフス裏にウールの生地を部分的に使用し保温性を確保します。
  • 掌のグリップはペーパースカイのロゴをプリントしています。
  • 指先はタッチパネル対応の導電性のある合皮を使用しています。
  • スリーレイヤーの生地を使用しており、防風・防水性に優れています。
  • 非常に軽い生地なので、普段の持ち運びでも邪魔になる事はありません。
  • 突然の雨でも手袋の上から装着できるようにミトンは大きめのサイズ設計です。

「handson grip」

Based in Kagawa, Japan, Handson Grip is hands down Japan’s highest quality glove making and development company. Papersky worked with Handson to create one kit for everybody’s needs. You’ll be warm and dry weather you’re riding fast at street level, hiking above the clouds or just doing a bit of texting on a windy and rainy day. The set includes an inner glove, outer mitten, and a compact storage bag.

Inner glove
  • The inner glove is made using Polartec's Power Stretch Pro material. For maximum warmth and maximum movement.
  • An original and patented Handson Grip pattern with that keeps your fingertips toasty by avoiding stitching in areas exposed to wind.
  • A clever use of wool fabric on the back of the cuff to ensure warmth around one’s wrists.
  • The grips printed around the palms are subtly designed using small Papersky airplane logos.
  • Fingertips are made of conductive synthetic leather for touch screen compatibility.
Outer mitten and storage bag
  • Three-layer fabric makes it windproof and waterproof.
  • The fabric is extremely light and compact down to easily fit in a pocket.
  • The mittens are designed to be large enough to be worn over gloves in case of sudden rain or extreme wind and cold.

Length / 手長寸法:(S)18.0cm、(M)19.0cm、(L)20.0cm
made in japan
item code:PS088、PS089