SHIMANAMI | “Dreamy”

SHIMANAMI | “Dreamy”

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SHIMANAMI | “Dreamy” issue




山瀬まゆみ/Mayumi Yamase

鶴田さくら/Sakura Tsuruta


Dreamy Dreams and Dreamers

Let your ‘Dreams’ begin in the Shimanami area, a destination made up of 100’s of breezy islets that float as jewels on the sea and are sandwiched between the coastal crowns of Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures.

A place where rippling waves sing ambient lullabies.

A place where the sun and the moon are so aligned that every day the sky offers up a new masterpiece.

A place where Lemon trees radiate a magical yellow.

A place where an orchestra of blue and green sparkle from the sea.

Welcome to the ‘Island of Dreams’.

Papersky traveled with artist Mayumi Yamase and musician Tsuruta Sakura on our Dreamy voyage of the Shimanami area. We met up with a variety of dreamers and listened to their dreams while munching down on Imo Kenpi and scarfing down the occasional Okonomiyaki.

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