Cycling Club Sticker
Cycling Club Sticker
Cycling Club Sticker

Cycling Club Sticker

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「PAPERSKY CYCLING CLUB(PSCC)」の頭文字を用いたロゴは、プロダクトデザイナー佐藤謙行氏のデザインです。

サイクリストやランナー向けのアクティビティ管理アプリ「Strava」のアカウント「PAPERSKY CYCLING CLUB(PSCC)」では、ツアープロジェクト「Tour de Nippon(ツール・ド・ニッポン)」の情報や、PAPERSKYが提案する日本各地のサイクリングルートを紹介しています。クラブに参加して、自転車の旅に出かけよう!

Papersky is avid about cycling! We love it! It makes us happy! We truly believe the bicycle is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling ways to travel your town, city, prefecture, country, continent or the world!
If you haven’t already joined sign up for free in STRAVA and join the Papersky Cycling Club now!. You’ll instantly gain access to all of our original Japanese cycling routes that we’ve crafted over our 30 years of cycling the country.
Also be sure to check the Papersky Tour de Nippon website for upcoming rides. And of course pick up a few of these official Papersky Cycling Club (P.S.C.C.) stickers. The letters form a club mascot with the Papersky ‘P’ taking on the form of a cycling cap. Of course the sticker is fully weather proof and will hold just fine in rain and shine.

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