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leomongrass incense
淡路島 Buddha's Pleasure

Travel Incense (20sticks) | トラベルインセンス

¥1,485 JPY

旅のお香20本セット。お香をケースに入れて持ち歩けるようになりました。見知らぬ旅先のお部屋でも、お香を焚いてリラックスすることができます。日本一のお香の生産地・淡路島にある、1905年創業の「淡路梅薫堂」のお香を使用。Tea Time(慈悲甘茶香)とLemongrass(檸檬香草)の2種類あるので、気分に合わせて好きな香りを。

Awaji Island was originally a crossing point on the silk road and a wide range of aromas were readily available.  Papersky teamed up with Awaji-Baikundou because they use only natural ingredients. The 'Tea Time' incense is made from Hydrangea Tea, often referred to as 'Buddha's Pleasure' because of the feeling of great happiness the smell brings. The Lemongrass incense besides having a lovely fresh grass smell also has the added advantage of fending off mosquitoes making it a good home, garden and camp item. We've packed 20 sticks per case. The cases are compact in design and the lid shuts firmly keeping your incense safe and dry.

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