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手ぬぐい | Traveler's Towels

手ぬぐい | Traveler's Towels

¥1,404 JPY

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Traveler's Towels from Japan: use as a backpocket hankerchief, kitchen towel, scarf, wrap food, bento and beer, use it to dry down after dipping in hot springs and use the unique designs representing various areas of Japan make it a nice art piece as well. Check out designs from: AKITAGUNMA, SHIMANE, SHIGA, AOMORI, NARA, NOTO, NAGOYA, KAGOSHIMA, KYOTO, TOKYO, SHODOSHIMA, ISE, ONOMICHI, TANBA SASAYAMA, TAKAMATSU, OITA, SHIZUOKA, TOTTORI, and the 

Official 'Red-Stripe' Tour de Nippon Travel Towel.