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Papersky travel wallet
papersky, calotte leather handmade
トラベルウォレット, papersky
travel tools, papersky

トラベルウォレット | PS Travel Wallet

¥16,200 JPY

calotte leather handmadeは京都に工房を構える、レザーブランド。「旅先でも使えるコンパクトな財布」というコンセプトで、紙幣とコインが収納でき、数枚のカードも入れられるようなレザーウォレット。旅先で重宝する財布を持って、旅に出かけてみませんか?

*商品ストーリー「旅先でも使えるトラベルウォレット Potte|calotte leather handmade

Calotte leather overseen by a husband & wife team run a small handmade workshop in Kyoto. We like their products, each made with the care of a Japanese craftsman and the love of a Japanese heart. Our first two co-branded products with the Calotte team include;  a Cycling Strap, and the PS Travel Wallet, a wallet for folks who like to keep their wallet simple and flexible, the two qualities that make the foundations for all great trips.

 11cm x 8cm x 1.3cm