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遮光器土偶レプリカ | Shakoki Dogu - PAPERSKY STORE
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遮光器土偶レプリカ | Shakoki Dogu - PAPERSKY STORE
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遮光器土偶レプリカ | Shakoki Dogu

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Kamegaoka culture is a name derived from a Jomon site unearthed in the Tsugaru, Aomori area. Among the artifacts unearthed at the site, a large clay figurine (designated as a nationally important cultural property) found in the Sawane area in 1887 is well known for the expression of its eyes, earning it the description of a “goggle-eyed clay figurine.” It is seen as a relic representative of Japan’s Jomon culture, and is widely recognized internationally along with pottery excavated in the area. The mini replica will sit well in your home or office and may take your wondering mind on a small trip to the past.