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レキシ・池田貴史さん, Jomon, Northern Japan, Hokkaido, Akita, Aomori


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Jomon & Craft Beer Issue
レキシ・池田貴史さんは縄文土器がお好き!? 北海道・東北へ、縄文遺跡と地ビールの旅



Welcome to BC 10,000, - home to the Jomon people, Japan's original natives. It seems incredible that such a primitive culture is responsible for the way we live, think and work today. Everything from Japanese rich food culture to Animated Characters to Japanese Lacquer we can thank the Jomon people. In this issue, Papersky journeys into the ancient lands of the Jomon people with musician, Ikeda Takafumi. 


■ 目次
縄文を歩く|編集長ルーカスが選ぶ縄文みやげ|縄文特集をより楽しむための本と音楽紹介|ペーパーバック思考旅行|アイヌ活動家 | アシリ・レラ|チェアルズが払う+高齢者を訪ねる|又鬼|未来の知恵 | 石川直樹|賢者の欠片 | 津田直|縄文のDNAを現代に受け継ぐものづくり|若木信吾さんと浜松古代散歩|日本の魅力再発見の旅 大分

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