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ブレスレット | Galactic Bracelets - PAPERSKY STORE
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ブレスレット | Galactic Bracelets - PAPERSKY STORE
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ブレスレット | Galactic Bracelets

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Après Ski は、ルーシー・バーガラがデザインするバルセロナのアクセサリーブランド。独特なビンテージ感を醸すAprès Skiのジュエリーは、1940-80年代のヨーロッパのアンティークビーズやオリジナルのパーツを組み合わせてつくられるユニークなジュエリー。ナイーブでロマンチック、カジュアルでモダンな雰囲気をもつAprès Ski のラインナップのなかから、旅先でちょっとしたおしゃれにぴったりの2つのブレスレットをセレクトしました。



Après Ski is a line of accessories designed by Lucía Vergara in Barcelona.  Après Ski is a brand that identifies with the vintage aesthetic, original, special and unique look, and so most of the pieces are actually born of old materials, from the 40s to 80s. Golden brass and resin pieces, beads or antique fabrics found in Europe and intervened for their design and hand-glazed, all with craftsmanship, offering a look between the naive and romantic, casual and modern, always in limited editions. We’ve selected two bracelets to keep you looking better then marvelous on all your journey’s near & far.

Dizi is a bracelet that mixes, wood craft pieces, hand-glazed parts and soft pastel colors. Dizi is inspired by Memphis Milano, a movement of architecture and industrial design in the 80s, Art Deco and Africanism are also influences.

Sand is made of striking black and white wooden beads with a hand painted checkered pattern, combined with blue glazed wooden cylinders and black crystals on a thin golden brass chain.

*total length:17cm