T-shirt suzuki takayuki
T-shirt suzuki takayuki
T-shirt suzuki takayuki
T-shirt suzuki takayuki
T-shirt suzuki takayuki

T-shirt suzuki takayuki

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「suzuki takayuki」とPAPERSKYがコラボレーションした、心地よい旅のためのアンダーウェア(Tシャツ・ボクサートランクス)。Tシャツは、グレー・ブラック・ホワイトの3色展開です。

【身丈】S:59.5cm  M:61.0cm  L:65.0cm

【身幅】S:41.5cm  M:43.5cm  L:46.5cm
【袖丈】S:18.5cm  M:20.0cm  L:22.0cm

Material:Cotton, Silk
item code:PS091、PS092、PS093


旅をテーマに活動を続ける、ペーパースカイの知識と経験、天然素材を中心に服作りを続けてきた suzuki takayukiの技術と感性が組み合わさり、特別なインナーウエアが出来上がりました。









For these 80% silk, 20% organic cotton underwear Papersky tapped Japan’s fabric mix master Takayuki Suzuki to create a material blend and fit that offers ‘freedom to the max’. The result is inner wear that’s comfortable to the touch but resilient to harsh conditions, easy to dry, oder resistance and provides a stress free fit.

The combination of high quality silk and organic cotton spun together meticulously in Japan’s Senshu region creates a beautiful yarn with a unique slippery feel. The balance of the yarn is carefully adjusted in Wakayama, Japan’s leading circular knitting production area giving it a soft and smooth feel but also injecting it with strength and durability.

The ‘made in Japan’ production continues on through the natural dying process in Gunma’s, Kiryu region. The rich water of the Watarase River and chitosan, a natural ingredient extracted from the river, is rubbed into the fiber to give it an antibacterial effect.

Takayuki Suzuki’s deep understanding and experience with making, clothes from natural materials and Papersky’s long experience of actively exploring destinations has been spun together to perfection as both the briefs and T-shirts are ultimately simple, elegant and easy to care for.

Boxer Trunks suzuki takayuki
「suzuki takayuki」とPAPERSKYがコラボレーションした、心地よい旅のためのアンダーウェア。ボクサートランクスは、グレー・ブラックの2色展開。