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canvas airplane tote bag
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recycled tote bag
recycled tote bag
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Papersky 'Everywhere' Totes
Amami Ōshima Mud Dying
Amami Ōshima Mud Dying
Amami Ōshima Mud Dying
Kanai Kogei
Japan Indigo
Takakura Kazuhiko
splash paint and indigo
japan indigo 藍染トートバッグ
japan indigo 藍染トートバッグ
Safflower 紅色 dye
Safflower 紅色 dye
pink tote bag
Safflower 紅色 dye 山形 米沢
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Papersky 'Everywhere' Totes

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eco-キャンバス |



This eco friendly Papersky Airplane logo tote is officially tagged with the Japanese 'Eco Mark' (two arms hugging the earth). The bag is a perfect size to carry everywhere, not too big and not too small it's an ideal carry on partner and it's rugged canvas build allows you to pack it with pretty much anything.

泥染トートバッグ |



Amami Ōshima is a Japanese island located between Kyushu and Okinawa. The area was highly respected for it's kimono dying techniques. Mud Dying was one of the islands specialties. The unique mix of the islands rich copper based soil and plethora of plants created a scale of browns and beiges that even modern dying cannot match. Papersky teamed up with Kanai Kogei experts in 'dorozome' (mud dying) to create this beautiful 'Made in Mud' original Papersky tote bag. And like many good things the older it gets the better it becomes.

藍染トートバッグ |

NATURAL BLUE  | Indigo Dyed


In Japan Indigo Dying, aizome often called 'Japan Blue' has been the color of choice since Edo Times. Besides, the beautiful and deep shades of blue; natural indigo also repeals bugs and causes the fibers in the original fabric to become stronger. Papersky teamed up with artist, Takakura Kazuhiko, from Kyoto to create 'Made with Love' totes. In Japanese the word ai has a double meaning: besides being the name of the plant that creates Indigo it also means love, hence the name 'Made with Love'.

紅花染トートバッグ |

NATURAL PINK | Safflower Dyed


Safflower (benibana) is one of the world’s oldest crops. The Arabic word for the plant carthamus latterly means ‘dye’. Papersky teamed up with Nitta Textile Arts, a natural dying company since 1884, based in Yamagata to create this naturally dyed tote bag. 

size:36cm × 37cm ×11cm(body)、2.5cm × 47cm(handle)
material:12oz canvas cotton 100%
item code: PS015、PS016、PS017、PS018