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NILバッヂ | Mt. Fuji Badge
NILバッヂ, Mt. Fuji Badge
nil badge, papersky
Mt. Fuji Badge
mt. fuji, papersky
NILバッヂ | Mt. Fuji Badge

NILバッヂ | Mt. Fuji Badge

¥600 JPY


Mount Fuji is Japan’s ‘Mother Mountain’ both for it’s extreme beauty and grace and also for the culture that it has fostered in it’s shadow. In 2013 the mountain became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Papersky teamed up with premier badge maker Chihaya Uchida to create an amazing holographic graphic of Mt. Fuji with the Papersky airplane logo flying high by it’s side. Available in three colors: Red, Blue and Black.


Size: 40mm