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Kinezuka Farms, shizuoka organic green tea
日本茶, Japanese Teas
japanese organic green tea from shizuoka, tea bags
How to brew Japanese Tea
Japanese 'best travelers' Tea Selection
3 year bancha from Nara, 3 year organic bancha
Papersky, tea, made in japan
Japanese 'best travelers' Tea Selection

日本茶 | Japanese Teas

¥920 JPY

Organic Green Tea // grown in Shizuoka





3 year Organic Bancha // grown in Nara






Japanese 'best travelers' Tea Selection

Papersky has selected two of Japan's best tasting and 100% organic teas and packaged them into 'no string' tea bags. So you can easily enjoy the great taste of Japanese tea at your home, office or in the mountains. 


GREEN TEA // grown in Shizuoka

The Kinezuka Family has been making 100% organic green tea in Shizuoka since 1976. The no-chemical all natural green tea is wonderfully smooth and deep in flavour but leaves no bitter after taste as chemical teas do. 


3 YEAR ORGANIC BANCHA // grown in Nara

Kenichi Igawa has been growing tea since he turned 14. No one in his family is a farmer so he had to learn everything from scratch. Now nearly 20 years later he is growing some of the healthiest and best tasting tea in Japan. 



*We've designed the tea bags without strings, making it extremely easy to make a bottle of tea. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Toss 1 tea bag into your Nalagen Bottle (500ml) and just pour in hot water. 

2) Give it a good shake and wait a solid 15min. We usually drink our tea slowly and throughout the day keeping the tea bag in the bottle all day.

Amount: 10 Tea Bags included in each package.