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Airline Belly Warmers
腹巻き | Airline Belly Warmers - PAPERSKY STORE
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murmur, papersky
腹巻き, glow in the dark

腹巻き | Airline Belly Warmers

¥6,143 JPY

絹素材の冷え取り衣類をお勧めしている『murmur magazine』との共同企画、暗闇で光る刺繍入りの腹巻き。PAPERSKYのロゴと、murmurのロゴの刺繍があしらわれています。旅先での気候の変化にも、この腹巻きで体温調整。なにより肌ざわりのやわらかさと着心地は手放せなくなること必須です。購入者全員に『murmur magazine』#21をプレゼント。

*商品ストーリー「旅のお供にも、シルク100%の腹巻き|Airline Belly Warmers

Stay 'Warm & Healthy' all Year Round 

In Japan the  Haramaki  or Belly Warmer has been keeping both men and women  healthy and warm for well over 100 years. It's perfect on board a cold airplane or in an over air conditioned office. It also warms your entire body so you don't have to bury yourself with layers of clothing and as the haramaki is extremely compact you can easily store it in your bag and slip it on whenever you get to feeling a bit chilly. The Belly Warmer is also great in bed as many users feel that it warms and calms them down allowing for a better sleep. This special 'murmur magazine' and  Papersky haramaki is made in Japan of 100% silk and we've hand stitched both logos with glow in the dark thread- so even in the dark you'll always be glowing. 

 *a copy of murmur magazine will be included as a gift with purchase.

Material / Silk100% 

◎Color / Natural

◎Size / 29.5 × 31cm(Free Size)